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Great Places to Find Autumn Treats in Irvine, CA

Where to Find the Best Autumn Treats in Irvine

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As temperatures drop in Irvine and across Orange County, local bakeries start offering delectable treats and desserts to match the season. When you find a home in Irvine for sale and decide to call it home, you too can enjoy these tasty seasonal treats. From now until after the holidays, visiting the following establishments is a must.

Assal Pastry

This Persian and European bakery is located on Culver Drive just off the I-5 freeway, not far from condos, townhomes and houses in Irvine for sale. Assal is the Farsi term used to describe the traditional honey jar kept in Middle Eastern households, and thus you can expect that all pastries made during the fall and through winter will include combinations of honey with cinnamon, apple, pumpkin, nutmeg, and other seasonal flavors. Most specialties also include fruits and nuts.

Au Bon Pain 

This national retail chain is inspired by the gastronomy of Parisian sidewalk cafes, which means that everything made at Au Bon Pain is prepared fresh with gourmet ingredients. The Pereira Drive location of Au Bon Pain in Irvine offers American and European autumn classics such as Harvest Pumpkin Soup, Apple Streusel Muffins topped with cinnamon, pumpkin flavored croissants, and even a pumpkin and nutmeg flavored latte.

BF Bakery and Cafe

Located on Culver Drive, this neighborhood bakery specializes in Cantonese, Taiwanese and other Asian treats. Once autumn arrives, BF Bakery adds traditional American flavors and spices to their creations. The baking style at this shop is contemporary, which means that fans of fusion cuisine will be delighted. One of the holiday favorites at BF Bakery is a delicate pastry made with cranberry and whipped cream.

Bon Epi Bakery and Cafe

Located in the southwest section of University Town Center, Bon Epi Bakery is frequented by UC students and faculty staff. The pastries offered range from Asian to French and Italian. The extensive coffee and tea menu requires some level of self-preparation, which is always fun. The baked goodies prominently feature fresh fruit, and in the autumn the bakers include cranberries, blueberries as well as traditional spices such as cinnamon and pumpkin.

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