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The Proper Way Landlords Should Treat Tenants in Irvine, CA

How Landlords Should Treat Their Tenants

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If you’ve purchased Irvine, CA, real estate with the intention of renting it out, you’ll want to maintain a positive relationship with your tenants. It’s important to keep the channels of communication open and maintain the property. By looking after the property and the tenants, landlords can retain their best clients and attract responsible new ones.

Keep in Touch

For landlords, maintaining regular communication with clients is key. Your tenants should never have a problem contacting you, as this can breed several problems. It makes good tenants feel as though their concerns aren’t being heard, and it can result in lax standards of upkeep. Strive to be friendly and helpful, as this can lead to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Don’t Let Problems Linger

If a tenant has a legitimate issue with a property, come up with a solution as soon as possible, as this shows tenants their concerns are taken seriously. However, when tenants aren’t maintaining their home to the agreed upon standards, make your concerns known. Giving tenants a gentle reminder about what’s expected of them is often enough to correct problematic behavior. It also prevents lax cleaning or maintenance habits from turning into a costlier problem.

Look After the Property

While it’s the tenant’s responsibility to maintain their individual unit in an apartment or townhome complex, it’s the landlord’s duty to make the property a home. This means plants should be tended to, the pool should be kept clean, and the outdoor lights should always be working. During winter, the sidewalks and driveways should be kept clear. By keeping the overall property clean, attractive, and accessible, you can lure in responsible clients.

Make the Property into a Community

By fostering a community atmosphere, landlords can turn their property into a place where tenants want to live. There are many ways to keep tenants engaged, from staging a weekly game night to throwing seasonal parties. You can also invest in communal facilities like gardens, pools, and backyard grills. The tenants in a rental property may not be one big happy family, but with a little effort they can certainly be friends.

Keep Abreast of Market Conditions

To keep tenants happy, landlords should make sure they’re observing fair housing practices. It’s always helpful to keep an eye on comparable properties in the area. If tenants notice a nearby property is more affordable or has more amenities for the same price, they might choose to leave. Tenants remain happy if they feel they’re getting a fair rental price.

Invest in Friendly Staff

Landlords can’t see to every tenant concern, especially in a large property. This why it’s essential to hire staff members who are friendly, conscientious, and responsible. They should be able to provide tenants with high-quality service and meet their various needs. Brief your staff on everything from important policies to the ideal demeanor to ensure they behave appropriately when interacting with tenants.

If you’re thinking about becoming a landlord and are looking for townhomes , condos or homes or for sale, Irvine, CA, is the perfect spot to buy properties your tenants will love. Enlist the help of a trusted local real estate agent to help you find the properties you’re looking for. Call OC Residential today at 714-454-6304 to begin your search.

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