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Real Estate Photo Advice in San Diego, CA

How to Take the Best Real Estate Photos

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Listing your Irvine home for sale in an online market means that most buyers’ first impression of the property you are selling will be through a photo. Since bad photos can turn off buyers, it is extremely important to take photos that perfectly capture the best features of the home.

1. Get Good Equipment

You don’t need an expensive camera, but a grainy picture taken with a cellphone just makes the home look cheap. Use a decent digital camera and use a tripod if necessary to avoid blurry images.

2. Master Your Angles

Exterior photographs typically look best when they are shot slightly to the side, instead of just being a two-dimensional view of the front of the house. Interior photographs normally look best when taken at eye height from a doorway.

3. Find the Light

Dark homes look unwelcoming and dingy. The best light will be the natural sun, so try to take pictures with open windows on a bright, sunny day. If this is not possible, be sure to use adequate artificial lighting.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Edit

Of course you should not Photoshop away real issues with the home, but some minor editing always makes pictures look better. Crop them to cut out unnecessary clutter, and edit the contrast and lighting to make the images look warm and inviting.

5. Stage the Home

Staging is just as important for listing photos as it is for an open house. Before photographing, remove clutter and personal items. Add stylish touches of bright color and fresh flowers to make the property look cheerful and homey.

6. Take Lots of Pictures

Do not just get one shot of each part of the property while you are photographing everything. Instead, take multiple pictures of the same area from different views, so you can select the very best image.

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