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Taking Advantage of Your Kitchen Pantry Space in Irvine, CA

How to Take Advantage of Your Kitchen Pantry Space

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Kitchen pantry space is one of those household elements that always seem to be short of being adequate. If you own Irvine real estate such as an older California ranch-style home, you may have a spacious walk-in pantry in addition to many kitchen cabinets. Some homeowners who are not into storing large amounts of foodstuffs have converted their large pantries into home offices. However, this is not the case in more recent residential construction projects where pantry space is limited. Modern homes often feature small pantries because many families are following minimalist lifestyles. If you feel you could make better use of your kitchen pantry space, consider the following recommendations.

Take Advantage of the Pantry Door

If your walk-in pantry has a door, you can use a few hanging solutions that allow you to better utilize the space. Over-the-door storage racks are commonly marketed for closets and garages. However, they are also perfect for kitchen pantries. You do not have to limit yourself to using only the back of the door. The front can also be used as long as you choose products with attractive and colorful packaging schemes.

Purchase Rolling Storage Carts

These carts are widely sold at discount stores where household goods are sold. The most affordable are plastic carts similar to those used across Asia and Latin America to store fresh fruit and produce, but you can also find fancier versions. This is a practical solution you can easily roll in and out of your walk-in pantry.

Install Shelf Inserts

If your pantry space is limited to kitchen cabinets or standalone furniture pieces, you can maximize space by means of standing shelf inserts, which can be made of plastic or aluminum. The most stylish are the perforated variety, but they also happen to cost more. Alternatively, you can use small plastic bins or boxes to store small items such as spice jars.

Use Available Counter Space

Grains, flours, and sugars can be decorative when placed inside attractive glass or plastic jars that can be visibly kept on countertops. These jars do not have to be of the same size. In fact, various sizes can create a more aesthetically pleasing effect.

Stack and Place Items Strategically

If your shelving space is long, shallow, and narrow, you do not have to feel obligated to replace it. In fact, you may not even need to use shelf inserts or bins if you stack products efficiently. Bags of grains can be stacked high, and boxes of cereal can be placed sideways or horizontally on top of each other. This strategy requires no investment on your part, only a new way of organizing.

The perfect kitchen pantry is just one of many features you might be looking for in a home. From Oak Creek to West Irvine, homes for sale are regularly on the market, and they’re going fast. Get in touch with reliable local agents who can let you know immediately when the best properties hit the market. Call OC Residential today at 714-454-6304 to schedule an appointment.

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