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How To Get Your Deposit Back in Irvine, CA

4 Questions to Ask Your Landlord to Get Your Security Deposit Back

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Condos and homes for sale in Irvine don’t come cheap, and if you are making the jump from renter to owner, you’re likely looking to save as much as possible. While the deposit you put down at a renter might not be substantial, any little bit helps new homeowners. Unfortunately, many landlords know little about the laws regarding security deposits, and many renters do not think about the security deposits until it is time to move out. Here are a few questions to ask your landlord that will increase your chances of getting some or all of your deposit back when you move out.

1. Can you keep my security deposit for any type of damage, including normal wear and tear?

If the landlord answers yes, the landlord is incorrect. Property management companies and landlords cannot keep all or part of your security deposit to cover normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear can vary, but typically includes carpet cleaning, fresh paint, and basic maintenance.

2. What does not constitute normal wear and tear?

Normal wear and tear does not include holes in the wall that were not there previously, crayon or marker designs on walls, or leaving trash behind that the landlords must throw out. Essentially, any damage you caused is not normal wear and tear.

3. Are you required to return my security deposit to me?

If the landlord answers no, the landlord is again incorrect. Landlords can only keep all or part of your security deposit if you owe them back rent, utilities, or you damaged the property and the landlord paid to repair it. Another, less common, scenario would be you left behind unclaimed property and the landlord or management company paid to have it stored.

4. When do I get my security deposit back?

Landlords must return your deposit within 21 days of the date you moved. If a landlord or property management company declines your request for your security deposit, they must provide a valid reason either in person or in the form of a letter within 21 days of your moving date.

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