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Home Checklist in Irvine, CA

Exterior Maintenance Checklist for Your New Home

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Maintaining the curb appeal of your new Irvine, California, home for sale requires regular maintenance. Keeping up the exterior appearance of your property will not only make you feel better as a homeowner but also help you protect your investment. Here is a list of things you should inspect from time to time.


Take a good look at all the points where the exterior walls of your Irvine, CA, house for sale meet the ground. Your concrete foundation will absorb humidity due to its porosity, but it should not take in a lot of water. This is particularly true since you live in a relatively dry climate.


All the vertical materials that face the exterior of your home should withstand the elements without accumulating water underneath them. Any fascia, siding, trim, or soffit elements made of wood may need to be treated with weather coating.

Decks and Stairs

If these are made of wood, they will certainly need to be treated or replaced every so often to maintain their structural integrity. You will also need to monitor for wood ants and termites during the summer months.

Windows and Doors

Check the frames, sills, jambs, thresholds and kick plates. This is an excellent method to check for air leaks that may compromise HVAC efficiency. Leaks and gaps are often easier to locate from the outside, and they can easily be repaired with weather-stripping or caulking as needed.


If you are interested in home security, consider replacing your legacy locks with new smart locks that you can control from mobile devices. This may additionally lower your home insurance premium.


You should check your green areas for more than just good landscaping. Stagnant pools may attract the mosquitos and other pests. If you notice an infestation of wasps, hornets, bees, ants or other potentially dangerous insects, call an exterminator before letting your children or pets outside.

After reviewing this checklist and the exterior of your new home, get better acquainted with your new community. Contact a reliable real estate agent in Irvine, CA, at (714) 454-6304 today to learn more about the neighborhood.

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