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Steps to Build a Dog Run in Your Backyard in Irvine, CA

How to Build a Dog Run in Your Backyard

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One great way to increase the functionality and value of your home is by building a backyard dog run, as it’s a feature you don’t see often enough in homes for sale in Irvine. This DIY project gives your dog a place to run, play, and explore without escaping, damaging your lawn, or destroying your flowerbeds. To install your dog run as efficiently as possible, follow these steps.

Consider Your Dog’s Needs

Your dog’s breed will greatly influence the type of dog run you build. A pug might only need a 10-foot square area with a low fence, while more athletic dogs need a bigger area to run in. A good rule of thumb is that your dog run ought to be at least five times as long and three times as wide as your dog’s length. If you know your dog is a strong jumper, you may need to install a higher fence or a roof. If your dog digs, burying part of the fence or adding reinforcement along the edge can prevent the dog from escaping.

Find a Good Location

Look for a spot in your yard that is close enough to the home so you can easily check up on your dog. Some people even place the dog run right against a dog door so their pet can easily travel between the indoor and outdoor areas. Try to keep it away from any outdoor entertaining or cooking areas. If possible, pick a spot that provides at least partial shade cover.

Choose a Comfortable Running Material

It is normally best to install your groundcover before putting the fencing in. Grass is the most common option, but it does require some extra maintenance. Though fake grass is a little pricier, it is durable and easy to clean and maintain. Concrete is also easy to clean, but it can get a bit too hot on sunny summer days in Irvine. Another option would be laying down landscaping material and coating it with rounded gravel or wood chips.

Install Your Fencing Material

Chain link is one of the most common fencing options because it is durable, cheap, easy to install, and comes in a variety of sizes. However, some people find it to be unattractive, so they go with a wood picket fence or a cast iron fence. Though these options are pricier, they can be more aesthetically pleasing. Just make sure the fencing you pick allows you to look in and check up on your dog but is not spaced widely enough for the dog to fit through.

Create Some Shade

The hot Southern California sun can make your dog uncomfortable if you do not include any shade. If there are no trees or patios nearby, make sure to include a place for your pet to cool off. Options including building a roof over part of the dog run, placing a large patio umbrella next to the fence, or adding a doghouse inside the dog run.

The size of the dog you own may also influence the size of the home you purchase. If you’re looking for small or big houses for sale in Irvine, make sure to reach out to trusted local real estate agents to gain access to the latest listings in town. Call 714-454-6304 today to schedule an appointment.

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