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How Can Your Irvine Home For Sale Compete With New Construction?

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Dollar photo clubThe Irvine real estate market is one of the most competitive ones in Orange County due to a variety of factors – beautiful homes and neighborhoods, great schools, a central OC location, and being one of the safest cities in the country.  If you currently own an Irvine home, condo or townhome, congratulations on having a very valuable commodity, both while you’re living in it and when you eventually decide to sell.  There will always be a long line of potential buyers interested in purchasing Irvine real estate, but you will face a lot of great competition in the marketplace when you list your home for sale.

One of the biggest things your home will have to compete with is new construction, something that has become incredibly prevalent over the past couple of years.  As the economy and housing industry has improved since the Great Recession, home building has been steadily on the rise, and Irvine is at the forefront of this in Orange County.  So how can your home that has a bunch of miles on it compete with brand spanking new ones throughout the city?

For starters, get some inspiration from these new homes.  Visit the model homes at new communities in neighborhoods such as Great Park and Cypress Village for design and remodeling ideas.  Buyers these days love modern upgrades and designer appointments, so take some notes and budget for a few upgrades before putting your home on the market.  Another thing that new developments typically do is offer concessions to buyers in the form of lowering closing costs or covering the cost of higher-end upgrades.  Take a look at your sale’s price and make sure it is in line with the current market; if not, lower it a little as a concession.  You may also offer a credit to buyers for an upgrade you didn’t get around to (like new paint or carpeting).  Finally, create an atmosphere throughout the interior and exterior of your home that is inviting and allows potential buyers to imagine themselves in your home (one of the best tricks model homes play on the mind).  Having family pictures and clutter around your house does not paint this picture for prospects – put your things away!

Selling your Irvine condo or home is difficult enough with all the competition on the market, and going up against new construction makes listing your home that much more challenging.  However, by getting creative and being proactive before and during the listing process, you should be able to stand toe to toe with any home, new or old.

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