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The Positives and Negatives of A Home with HOA Fees in Irvine, CA

Pros & Cons of Homes That Have HOAs

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The reasons why many homeowners in Irvine prefer to live in a community with an HOA (homeowners association) are many. While security and community amenities are some of the major reasons, there are several other factors that affect the decision to choose a community with an HOA or not. If you’re looking to buy a home in Irvine, here is a detailed list of pros and cons of having a home with an HOA.

When looking at townhomes, houses, and condos for sale in Irvine, those who decide to choose a community with an HOA will be delighted to know there are many amenities and advantages they can enjoy.

Community Appearance

The most driving factor of choosing a community with HOA is the appearance of the community. Because there is an association in place in communities with an HOA, homes within that community meet the standards and guidelines set by the association. This can include everything from landscaping to fence upkeep. If you are choosing such a community, you will not find a brashly painted home or an unmaintained front yard.

Maintained Common Areas

Upscale communities with high HOA fees have common areas maintained. Other services offered can range from lawn care and maintenance services to holiday lighting arrangement. Some communities also have complementary trash pickup handled by the association, which surely leaves less work for the homeowner.


Communities with HOAs often feature a beautifully maintained common recreational area that might include swimming pools, community centers, tennis courts, and other sports courts. Some communities also feature walking trails, playing fields, and many other amenities for their residents.

Negotiations and Problem Solving

If you encounter a problem with your neighbor, you can always seek help from the association. In case of a dispute, an association can act as a negotiator to solve the problem and handle the issue.


Security is a major concern among homebuyers. However, those who live in communities with an HOA have less to worry about when it comes to this concern. These community associations have neighborhood watch programs, community security meetings, and many more measures to keep the community safe and secure.

However, there are also a few disadvantages to consider.

HOA Fees

One major disadvantage is the fee you will have to pay every year or month. The fee can be huge depending on your community, its location, amenities they provide, and other services they offer. Also, the association can increase the HOA fee at any time by including few other amenities in the community.


When you live in a community with an HOA, you have to follow the association’s rules and regulations, which can be bothersome for some homeowners. If you have plans to build a shed in your backyard, you might need to ask permission from the association.

Increased Risk of Foreclosure

Falling behind on HOA dues can increase the chances of your property becoming a foreclosure. Many upscale communities charge their HOA fees yearly. Therefore, it is better for homebuyers to decide whether the fees fall within their budgets or not.

Whether you opt for a home with an HOA or not, make sure you work with a trusted real estate agent in Irvine to ensure you find the right home to meet your needs. Call 714-454-6304 to start your search today.

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