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Home Buying Mistakes in Irvine, CA

Rookie Mistakes That Can Hurt Home Buying Efforts

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When buying a home for the first time, many buyers are easily overwhelmed and confused. A home is a huge investment for most people, so it is important to take the process seriously. Sadly, many rookie buyers don’t do enough research, and they end up making these mistakes.

1. Accepting a Credit Score Without Examining It

Roughly 42 million credit reports have errors on them. If you think that your credit score might be limiting your ability to buy the Irvine house for sale you’ve set your sights on, make sure to thoroughly go over your credit report at least three months in advance so the credit bureau can fix any mistakes.

2. Not Knowing About Deed Restrictions

Many homebuyers forget to take into account homeowners’ associations and other rules of deed restricted communities. Before you buy a home, make sure that you can comply with restrictions, such as not being able to park certain vehicles in your driveway or limitations on the types of pets you can own.

3. Trying to Find a Home by Yourself

There are plenty of useful real estate websites, but this does not mean that you should forgo hiring an agent from a trusted Irvine real estate brokerage. A good agent will have more information about new properties, and they are experienced enough to not overlook any hidden issues.

4. Forgetting to Check the Cost of Homeowners’ Insurance

You might be able to afford a house, but you may not be able to afford the insurance. Get an estimate before you buy your dream home, since having a pool or being in a windy area can drastically raise insurance costs.

5. Not Saving Enough

You may not be able to afford a home just because you can afford the down payment. Make sure that you have enough money saved for property taxes, closing fees, and any unexpected repairs.

Avoid these rookie mistakes by working with an experienced agent who can walk you through the process and show you homes for sale in Irvine that fit your every need. For more information, call (714) 454-6304 to learn more.

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