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Home Renovations You Should Not Do Alone in Irvine, CA

7 Home Renovations You Shouldn’t Bother Doing

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If you want to put up your home for sale in Irvine and sell it quickly, a few simple and inexpensive upgrades can attract buyers and add thousands to your asking price. However, some improvements might not give you as big of a bang for your buck as others. You may want to think twice before investing in the following home upgrades.

1. Room Conversion

Most buyers are looking for three or more bedrooms. Each additional bedroom automatically expands your pool of potential buyers and puts your home in a higher price bracket. While you may be fine with sacrificing a bedroom to expand the walk-in closet in your master, you will exclude buyers who need the room for children or out-of-town guests.

2. Sunroom

Building a sunroom can be expensive, but does not add a significant amount of living space. Most buyers prefer open concept, multi-purpose spaces, so a small sunroom may be viewed as wasted space. Some buyers may also be turned off by the fact that sunrooms are notoriously inefficient when it comes to heating and cooling.

3. High-End Kitchen Remodel

New appliances and modest kitchen upgrades can attract buyers and add value to your home, but you should avoid going too far. For example, adding a backsplash using builder-grade materials will give your kitchen a more polished look. However, you should skip extravagant features like a gourmet pizza oven. You should also avoid design choices and colors that are too personalized. Keeping things basic and neutral allows potential buyers to see how they can add their own personality to the space.

4. Hidden Upgrades

If you are going to spend money on home improvements, make sure the change is someplace where it can be seen and appreciated. For example, buyers are unlikely to be wowed by the prospect of new plumbing or electrical wiring. As long as everything functions properly and will pass inspection, there is no need to upgrade.

5. Whirlpool Bath

While you may like the idea of turning your bathroom into your own personal spa with a whirlpool tub, most buyers prefer the standard shower/tub combo or a traditional tub with a separate shower. Whirlpool baths are more difficult to clean, cost more to operate, and are not practical when trying to bathe small children.

6. New Roof

If your roof appears to be in good shape and you are not having issues with leaks, it is best to leave it alone since you will not recoup the cost on resale. On the other hand, a visibly damaged roof may deter potential buyers and result in a lower sale price. In this situation, replacing your roof may be your only option, but you should be prepared to eat the cost.

7. Pool

Even though the weather in Irvine is warm enough for pools to be used for a good portion of the year, they are still a hit or miss proposition. Parents of young children may be deterred by safety concerns, while others may not want to worry about the expense and hassle of the upkeep.

Whether you’re flipping a house in Turtle Ridge or selling your primary residence in Woodbridge homes for sale are often attractive to potential homebuyers simply because Irvine is a wonderful place to live. If you are looking to sell your property, or if you’d like to see current properties for sale, get in touch with OC Residential today. Call 714-454-6304 to set up an appointment with a trusted local real estate agent.

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