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5 Home Improvement Projects To Not Tackle On Your Ownin Irvine, CA

5 Home Improvement Projects You Definitely Shouldn’t Do Yourself

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After you find a house in Irvine you want to purchase, chances are you’ll want to make some changes at some point. There are many ways to make improvements to your home with a bit of knowledge, the right tools, and dedication. However, some projects should be left to professionals. Certain home improvement jobs can be too complicated, dangerous, or expensive to DIY. Here are 5 projects you should probably avoid tackling yourself.

1. Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Refinishing your hardwood floors may seem like an easy DIY project. After all, renting a floor sander does not cost much money, and online videos may make it look easy to sand off the top layer of the wood. However, you should keep in mind sanding machines are difficult to use and require the right touch that takes years of experience to develop.

Renting a sanding machine for a weekend isn’t enough time to get a feel for the machine. All it takes is sanding too long in one spot to leave deep drum marks on your floors. These marks are difficult (and expensive) to cover. When you consider your hardwood floors are an investment that costs thousands of dollars, the last thing you should do is risk damaging the wood with machinery.

2. Roof Repair

It’s not that roofing itself is too difficult to handle on your own, it’s the fact that working on a roof requires careful footing at a great height. Even a single mistake on your roof could lead to serious injury or even death. Every year, more than 6,000 people in the U.S. are killed in falls, mostly while working on a roof or gutters. Even if it’s a simple repair like replacing a missing shingle, it’s best to leave it to professionals who have the training and safety equipment necessary to do the job safely. Experienced contractors also ensure the job is done correctly to prevent structural damage to your home.

3. Electrical Repairs

Any home improvement project that involves electricity should be done with caution. Simple electrical projects like replacing a light switch or installing a ceiling fan or light fixture can be done yourself as long as the breaker is turned off. Make sure you always use a volt meter to test that there is not a current. Larger projects like replacing or extending circuits should always be left to professionals. Not only is this the safest approach, it also ensures the work is done to code.

4. Tree Removal

If you have a dead, damaged, or troublesome tree on your property, you may be tempted to handle the removal yourself with a chainsaw. If the tree is taller than you, this could be a dangerous job that also risks damage to your home. Tree removal comes with potential hazards to your home along with DSL, electrical, and phone lines. There is a chance you could accidentally drop a limb onto your head or property. Proper tree removal often requires climbing the tree with spurs, safety gear, and equipment that prevents the tree from falling onto the home.

5. Major Plumbing Repairs

Some plumbing issues are easy to repair with a wrench and a bit of elbow grease. Replacing a leaky section of pipe under your sink, a faucet, or even a toilet can be a good do-it-yourself project. Still, major plumbing projects should always be left to a professional. When it comes to modifying your plumbing system, such as rerouting pipes, extending lines, or working with copper pipes, there are several factors to consider. You may require a permit for some of these jobs, and a single mistake could cause expensive water damage to your home. It can also be dangerous and difficult, as working with copper pipes requires using a blowtorch.

Whether you’re looking for a home with plenty or projects or one that’s move-in ready, make sure to seek the help of a trusted local agent when you’re ready to buy real estate in Irvine. Call OC Residential at 714-454-6304 for the help you need.

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