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Home Downsizing Tips for Seniors

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Many seniors eventually reach a point at which they want to downsize their home to cut back on maintenance, utilities, and extra space to keep clean. Of course, downsizing, moving, and listening your current Irvine home for sale can be a very stressful and overwhelming experience, especially if you’ve lived in your home for many years. These tips can make this tough transition a bit easier.

1. Start Small

Do you feel overwhelmed by the enormity of going through a lifetime’s worth of belongings? Start small by going from one area of the home to another over as much time as you feel you need. You may want to start by downsizing belongings in a room that is not used very often then work your way outward to closets, bedrooms, and the garage. Once one room is de-cluttered, you can use it to organize items you want to throw away, donate, give away, or sell.

2. The Three P’s

Focus on preserving the three P’s: paperwork, pills, and pictures. Sort through all financial documents and letters, shredding and discarding anything you don’t need. Keep any mementos, letters, or cards in a memory box and important documents in a lock box. You can throw away almost all expired and unused medication in the trash after mixing it with coffee grounds and sealing it in a container.

3. Make a Wish List of Items

Making a list of items you love and absolutely must keep can help you get rid of items that don’t make the cut. By making this list ahead of time, you will find it easier to let go of things you will not have the room for without heartache.

4. Assess Your Needs

Consider your current and future needs as you go through your belongings. Do you really need exercise equipment if you are moving into a condo with a gym? Do you really need to bring the table that no one uses? Look at how you live your life every day and prioritize the items and activities that already have a place in your lifestyle.

5. Measure the New Space

Before deciding which furniture should be moved, make sure you are working with measurements of the new space. Measure your furniture as large items like couches and beds may not fit. Ask for a floor plan if available and use the measurements to make a new floor plan with your belongings. Don’t forget to assess your new storage areas to avoid overestimating how much closet space you will have.

6. Get Help from Family and Friends

Finally, don’t try to do everything alone. Get help from family and friends to make downsizing and moving more manageable. Your loved ones can help you go through photos, pack boxes, measure furniture, or help you donate or sell belongings you’re not taking. This also gives you an opportunity to gift loved ones with items you do not need or belongings they may cherish.

If you’re looking to downsize from your current home, we can help you find a townhome or condo for sale in Irvine that better meets your evolving needs. Give us a call today at (714) 454-6304.

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