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Alleviating Your Teen's Anxiety for Moving in Irvine, CA

5 Ways to Ease Your Teen’s Anxiety About Moving

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Moving is hard enough for adults, so imagine how difficult it is for teenagers whose emotions are amplified by the unavoidable rites of passage into adulthood. Even though Irvine communities are known to be teen-friendly, it’s up to parents to help their children manage the stress of moving.

1. Get All Adults to Pitch In

Parents and adult relatives should be supportive not only of teens but also of each other. Letting one parent take care of logistics while the other worries about comforting teens doesn’t reflect positively on a family move. A better strategy is to get all adults involved in the move so teens can see it’s something that must be accomplished as a family.

2. Avoid Harsh Surprises

Teens who resent moving into a new place feel that way because they’re going through a phase in which they begin to truly appreciate the benefits of stability. A relocation will rarely feel quick and painless for teens. For this reason, they should be notified about the move as early as possible. There will likely be shock and opposition to the idea of moving, and this is when parents should listen and understand the reactions of their children. The key is to explain why the move will be good for the family.

3. Include Teens in the House-Hunting Process

Parents who ask their teens for input related to choosing a new home deserve “family of the year” awards. Including a teen in the house-hunting process is important and can make the move a lot smoother. A good idea in this regard is to ask teens to contribute their Internet research skills when scouting neighborhoods, viewing virtual tours, downloading floor plans, or planning interior decoration with mobile apps.

4. Ask Real Estate Agents for Advice

Real estate professionals who are dedicated to their craft will ask clients about all household members, and some of them even enlist their own teenage children to help them with clients who have teens. Parents should feel free to ask agents about neighborhood highlights that may be of interest to their teens. Perhaps the agents even have special insight about the most teen-friendly real estate in Irvine as a result of their personal experience growing up as teens in the area.

5. Celebrate the Move with Positive Activities

A nice family activity upon moving in is something teens will certainly appreciate and cherish. The activity could include dinner at a local pizza place, a visit to the Irvine Spectrum, or even a trip to nearby Disneyland. Focusing on setting up and decorating their bedrooms can also go a long way toward helping teens settle in comfortably.

Any major life change can be hard for teens to manage, and moving is no exception. Following the tips above can help you ease the transition for the whole family, especially your teenage children. One of the smartest things you can do is enlist the help of a real estate agent in Irvine who knows all about the most popular local places for teens to gather. The experienced professionals at Irvine Residential Living can fill you in on your new neighborhood’s hidden gems. Call us today at 714-454-6304 to speak with one of our friendly agents.

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