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Ways To Decorate For Halloween in Irvine, CA

Spooky DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas

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If you were to ask real estate agents in Irvine how to decorate for Halloween, they might tell you the nearest store where you can buy them. However, some of the most impressive decorations are made at home. Irvine residents can tap into their creative side this Halloween and make the following unique DIY decor that will give their home a hauntingly beautiful look.

Embellished Scary Pumpkin

Write the word “Boo” across the front of your pumpkin with a black Sharpie marker. Glue black buttons around the outline of each letter, then paint the pumpkin stem black and tie an orange polka dot bow around it. Make several spooky pumpkins to display in the entryway of your home.

Window Silhouettes

Instead of buying expensive decorations, save money by simply cutting out several silhouettes from black construction paper and placing them on your windows. You can create witches, bats, ghosts or almost creepy character you want. The silhouettes will hang nicely with a little tape and can easily be taken down and stored for next year.

Bat Arrangement

Gather branches from outside and wipe them clean. Paint each branch orange and let them dry. Fill a tall vase with black marbles. Stick your branches in between the marbles, which will help anchor them. Hang faux bats from the branches. Add this bat centerpiece to your other Halloween decor to give it a little extra “wow” factor.

Eerie Welcome Wreath

Wrap and glue black ribbon around a large grapevine wreath. Spread a white stretch cobweb over the front of your wreath, and glue faux spiders sporadically on it. Next, glue a welcome sign on the bottom front of your wreath. Now that your Halloween wreath is completed, hang it on the front door from an over-the-door hook. This spooky wreath is a fun way to welcome your guests who visit you during the Halloween season.

Spooky Flowerpot Pumpkin

Paint a flowerpot orange and let it dry. Turn the pot upside down and draw and color in a jack-o-lantern face on the front of the pot with a black paint marker. Put a stick through the hole at the top of the pot to make it resemble a stem. Make several of these pumpkin pots with different facial expressions and display them on the counters and tables throughout your home.

You will be sure to see these and other crafty decorations adorning houses when you check out homes for sale in Irvine. Our tight-knit community really captures the spirit of this and other seasons throughout the year. Learn why Irvine is the perfect place to call home when you call (714) 454-6304 today.

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