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Indoor Herbs in Irvine, CA

How to Grow Tasty Herbs Indoors

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Your culinary creations are much tastier when you use fresh herbs you grew yourself in your indoor herb garden. Thankfully, growing herbs is so easy anyone can do it. Whether you’ve got a huge yard but want to keep things simple or live in a condo in Irvine and just don’t have space for an outdoor garden, here is a basic primer to get you started with an indoor garden.

Find a Sunny Spot

In order to grow well, herbs need to have plenty of daylight. Choose a bright location that gets 4-8 full hours of light a day. A south-side facing window is ideal, but west and east-facing windows can also work.

Provide Good Drainage

Glazed terra cotta pots are best for growing herbs indoors. Be sure to choose ones with drainage holes in the bottom to prevent soil saturation. If the soil is too wet, your plants will get root rot. A clay saucer can transfer moisture and mar the surface of your windowsill or table, so use a plastic or metal saucer to hold excess water rather than the matching terra cotta saucer.

Sometimes the containers you want to use don’t have drainage holes. In this case, lay down a couple of inches of gravel or decorative glass before add the potting mix. This will allow any excess water a place to go and prevent the roots from drowning.

Keep the Temperature Consistent

While some gardeners keep herbs growing in their kitchen year-round, many people just grow them indoors only during the winter months. Usually, normal room temperature is perfect for growing an indoor herb garden. If you keep your home’s temperature between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit, the plants will be comfortable. If your home gets dry during winter, gently mist the foliage occasionally.

Don’t worry about them getting cold by the window at night. This is mimicking the normal cycle when they are grown outdoors. Just be sure to not have them actually touching the windowpane.

Choose Easy-to-Grow Herbs

Chives, mint, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, and oregano are all quite easy to germinate and propagate. A kitchen favorite, basil, is a bit pickier. It needs maximum sunlight during the day and should be moved away from the window at night.

While an indoor garden is wonderful, it’s certainly no substitute for an outdoor garden. If you’re ready for a larger space to call your own, check out our inventory of Irvine homes for sale and reach out to make an appointment. We can help you land the home of your dreams!

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