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How to Decorate Small Areas in Irvine, CA

5 Tips for a Green Home Remodel

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Old homes may be filled with charming architectural details, but many of them are built to older standards that may cause some environmental issues. If you purchased an older house for sale in Irvine, CA, it may be time to go green and plan an environmentally friendly remodel. Going green is good for the environment, and it can also enhance your quality of life and make your home more valuable. Follow these five tips to make your house a more environmentally friendly home.

1. Use Reclaimed Materials

Reclaimed wood and metal fixtures are not just great because they give your home a vintage charm. They also allow you to avoid purchasing materials that require cutting down more trees, mining more metals, and increasing waste products to process these natural materials. Another great option to consider is a new countertop material made from recycled glass that is durable enough to set hot pans directly onto. Reclaimed materials are a great way to reuse and recycle old housing products while getting a new look for your home.

2. Make Windows Energy Efficient

Many homeowners end up spending money and wasting resources to stop windows from leaking heat into or out of the house. There are now special window materials and sealants that can make much of this problem go away. You can reduce your footprint with the proper window materials. If you cannot replace the glass on your windows, you can install a window film that adds an energy efficient coating to your windows.

3. Experiment with Bamboo

Bamboo is considered the most sustainable type of wood because it grows much quicker than other trees and reaches maturity in only four years. You can use it for flooring, cabinets, and furniture. Bamboo does particularly well in bathrooms, kitchens, and other damp areas because it is naturally resistant to humidity.

4. Select Biodegradable Carpets

The materials and padding in typical carpets have become a major environmental problem because they create waste products when made, take up space in landfills, and release dangerous volatile organic compounds into the air. When selecting your carpet, try to find flooring made from hemp or wool that is naturally pigmented. To increase the eco-friendliness even more, pick backings made from jute and adhesive made from rubber to avoid wasteful synthetic materials.

5. Design Your Home to Heat and Cool Naturally

If you are adding new rooms or making other major upgrades, try to pick shapes and materials that moderate your housing temperature without using power. Thick walls made from materials like concrete and brick catch heat from the sun to provide warmth at night. Tall ceilings and reflective roofs keep a home naturally cool.

Owning an environmentally friendly home is the perfect way to live life in Southern California. From Turtle Rock to Rancho San Joaquin, Irvine real estate is popular among potential home buyers. Get in touch with the trusted agents at OC Residential to begin the search for your dream home. Call 714-454-6304 today to set up an appointment.

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