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Get To Know A Neighborhood Before Moving In Irvine CA

Why It’s Important to Get to Know a Neighborhood Before Buying There

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When you are house hunting, you aren’t just buying a home. You are also buying into a community. You can never change the location of your home, even though the home itself can be updated and improved. However, many homebuyers focus a bit too much on the home itself and fail to consider just how important a neighborhood can be for their long-term enjoyment of the home. When looking at Irvine homes for sale, here’s why you should get to know a neighborhood before deciding it’s the place to live.

Assess Public Transportation and Potential Commuting Issues

How easy it will be to get to the places you go may be a major consideration when you choose a neighborhood. Even if you love your home, you may find yourself selling and moving sooner than you want if you end up with a long commute or difficulty reaching public transportation. To assess a neighborhood, check for public transportation in the area and how far you are from highways. You can also check traffic conditions to get a better idea of what it will be like to drive to and from the area. Before searching for a home, consider how far you are willing to commute to limit your search of neighborhoods.

Find the Right School District

If you have children or plan to start a family, choosing a neighborhood with a good school district is likely a priority. However, you should still consider the schools even if you do not have children. Homes in a highly rated school district usually hold their value better than homes in neighborhoods with less regarded schools.

Meet Your Lifestyle Needs

You want a neighborhood that’s a good fit for your lifestyle for long-term contentment in your new home. As you compare neighborhoods, consider your priorities and needs. Do you want an urban community close to everything Irvine has to offer, or are you interested in a more suburban environment? If you prefer a neighborhood that’s quiet late at night, it’s wise to avoid areas near popular bars or a college. Also consider if you want a neighborhood with walking paths and recreation or if you’re fine with limited outdoor opportunities.

Plan for the Future

You may love how a neighborhood looks today, but consider how it could change in the years to come. It may be a good idea to check with the planning office to see if there are any plans for the area that you may not like. After all, you might be unhappy to find out the mature trees near your property will be cut down when a developer comes through.

Consider How a Neighborhood Affects a Home’s Value

The neighborhood you choose could have a big impact on your future property value. There are many things that can reduce the value of a home, including bad schools, a high concentration of renters, a hospital, a shooting range, or a cemetery in the area.

From Great Park to University Town Center, Irvine real estate is available in many great neighborhoods. Get in touch with a reliable local agent who can help you find the perfect part of town to suit your lifestyle. Call OC Residential today at 714-454-6304 to start your search.

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