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Using Succulents to Landscape Your Irvine Home

Succulents, the Next Big Thing is Here

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There’s no denying that the state of California is experiencing a serious drought, and the lack of available water and new water restrictions show in home exteriors. Lush, velvety expanses of emerald-green lawn grass have all but disappeared from the SoCal residential landscape, and in some cases, they’ve only been replaced by hardscaping and perhaps a few potted plants. Some homeowners have left their lawns intact but have stopped watering them. Unfortunately, this practice only results in strands of dry, brown grass that poses a significant fire threat and make local Irvine homes for sale less appealing to potential buyers.

So what’s a new homeowner who desires an attractive outdoor living space to do? Risking the ire of your community by crafting a quintessential green lawn isn’t recommended, but many feel that yards require at least some greenery for optimal appeal. If you share this perspective, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a type of plant that thrives under current drought conditions. They’re called succulents.

Succulents 101

Succulents are desert plants that thrive in hot, arid conditions. Some feature vibrant blooms at certain times of the year while others feature showy vegetation. Perhaps the most appealing thing about them is that there’s a succulent for every situation. Some homeowners are accenting their front entryways with rock gardens showcasing succulents known as “hens and chicks.” These unique plants reproduce rapidly from a mother plant, surrounding it with smaller versions of itself.

For new homeowners or homeowners looking to add a pop to their home before selling, varieties such as Kangaroo Paws, Sticks on Fire, Flaming Katy, and Variegated Agave are showy succulents ideal for use as accents. For bright spots of yellow and white, plant a small succulent called Living Stone. They look like pebbles sprouting daisy-like blooms.

Gardening with succulents offers many opportunities for creative experimentation. Just be sure to check with your HOA before making any drastic changes to your current landscaping.

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