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First-Time Home Buyers Will Love The Irvine Housing Market

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First Time Irvine Home BuyersPurchasing your first home, condo or townhome is one of the most exciting and terrifying experiences you will face in your lifetime.  Becoming a homeowner is a dream shared by the majority of Americans, and when it finally happens a huge crush of reality will immediately settle in – you now have a mortgage to pay and a house to take care of (rather than calling your landlord to fix everything).  One of the biggest mistakes a first-time home buyer makes is looking for the perfect home.  Here is some of the best housing advice you’ll ever receive…there is no such thing as a “perfect” home.

We are conditioned to want the best for ourselves and can set unrealistic expectations towards the things we want, and nowhere is this more apparent than in home shopping.  Fortunately for first-time buyers interested in Irvine real estate, the positives will far outweigh any negatives you encounter when deciding on your first Irvine home or Irvine condo purchase.  For starters, we assume you were drawn to Irvine because of the quality of the overall city, its neighborhoods and the housing option.  You are talking about one of the safest cities in America and one of the best school districts in the state; even if your new home doesn’t have granite counters or a swimming pool, take comfort in the fact that your environment is one of the best you can find in California.

Before starting your Irvine home search, take a hard look at what is most important to you with regards to your future home, and continually remind yourself of these things as you become overwhelmed with the wide variety of Irvine real estate options.  Also, Irvine neighborhoods are amongst the most diverse in Orange County; you really need to think about the lifestyle you want outside of your home.  If you value urban living, consider the Airport Area or neighborhoods near Irvine Spectrum; if you have kids and want a suburban atmosphere, there are well over 20 Irvine neighborhoods offering this lifestyle.  Price will obviously be one of the biggest factors in your decision, and go into this process realizing that this is your first home and that the chances of you being in this home for the next 20 years are very slim.  If you don’t get everything you want in this home, save these items for the next one (chances are you’ll be able to afford more with your second home and can finally get those granite countertops).

Buying your first Irvine home or condo is one of the best decisions you will make in your life, as long as you go into the process with realistic expectations.

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