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Dog Neighborhood in Irvine, CA

Making Sure Your Doggy Is a Good Neighbor

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After you purchase an Irvine house for sale, you’re likely to focus on being a good neighbor who will not inconvenience or annoy others. It is equally important to make sure that your dog is a good neighbor.

Introduce Your Pup to Your Neighbors

The first step when moving to a new area should be to chat with your neighbors and let them meet your dog. This way you can address any concerns and make sure your neighbors will contact you if they have any issues with your pet. By encouraging open communication from the start, you can avoid many problems later on.

Train Your Dog Well

Almost any issue between your neighbor and your dog is easier to solve if your pet is well trained. Though it takes time and effort, teaching your dog to follow basic commands will prevent them from jumping on your neighbors, barking crazily, or otherwise misbehaving.

Keep Your Dog Contained

Never let your pet roam around the neighborhood by itself, this is dangerous for both the pet and other people. Whenever you take your dog outside, be sure to keep it on a leash so that it cannot run off if distracted or frightened.

Exercise Your Pup Regularly

Most reasonable people only end up disliking their neighbor’s pets if the pet is always barking energetically. Fortunately, this issue can normally be fixed by taking your dog for walks and runs as often as possible. Most dogs have excess energy that can result in unneighborly behavior if it is not used for constructive activities.

Clean Up After Your Dog

Right after barking, the biggest issue that most neighbors have with a pet is smelly dog waste that they might accidentally step on. Bring baggies along on every walk to clean up after your dog anytime it uses the bathroom, and make sure to throw the waste away in an acceptable container.

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