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Bathroom Cleaning Tips in Irvine, CA

Clever Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

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Whether you just moved in or are selling your home for sale in Irvine, the bathroom is the one room in your house that can never be too clean. The following creative and time-saving cleaning hacks will help to ensure your bathroom remains pristine and sparkling clean.


Clean your mirror with shaving cream, and for weeks to come you won’t have to remove any condensation from your steamy shower. Simply lather your mirror with shaving cream, then wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

Shower Head

After months of use, your shower head can get a buildup of calcium or lime deposits. This buildup not only looks unpleasant, but it can negatively impact your water pressure. You can solve this problem by filling a plastic bag with vinegar, placing it over your shower head and securing it with a string or rubber band. Let it soak overnight. Remove the bag, and polish your shower head with a soft cloth.


Sick of your bathroom smelling like a locker room? Dab a couple of drops of lavender oil (or your preferred scented oil) on the inside of your toilet paper roll. The cardboard will soak up the oil and diffuse the scent throughout the bathroom.

Shower Doors 

Get your shower doors sparkling clean with a mere lemon. Cut a lemon in half, then rub the inside of it over the stains on your doors. If there is a stain that is extra difficult, simply rub it with a lemon and leave it for approximately 12 minutes. You should now be able to rub away the stain easily.

Corners of the Ceiling

Cobwebs in the corner of a ceiling can often be hard to remove with a duster. Don’t risk injury by climbing on something to get rid of them, simply get or reuse a helium balloon and drag it along the ceiling. The cobwebs will effortlessly cling to the balloon and leave those ceiling corners dust and cobweb free.


Use a grapefruit to get your tub clean. Cut a grapefruit in half, and sprinkle the inside of each piece with kosher salt. Wet your tub, and sprinkle it with kosher salt. Rub the grapefruit around your tub. Rinse with water and wipe clean with a soft cloth.


Clean your toilet with cola. Pour cola into your bowl. Let it sit for approximately one hour. The acid and carbonation in the soda will help to break down and eliminate the stains. Scrub your toilet with a brush and flush.

With all these cleaning hacks, you can cut back on time and energy when it comes to cleaning your bathroom. Whether you currently live in your home or are looking to sell your condo or Irvine townhouse for sale, you can never keep the bathroom too clean. For other cleaning tips or to learn more about real estate in Irvine, call (714) 454-6304 today.

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