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Don’t Scare Away Buyers From Your Irvine Home

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forsalesoldAs we enter the slower buying season, potential buyers tend to be at a premium; as we discussed in our previous blog post, fall and winter tend to see fewer Irvine home sales.  If you decide to list your Irvine home for sale in the next few months, you really need to work hard to attract as many buyers as possible.  While you may have the most beautiful home on the Irvine real estate market, there are a few smaller things to remember when trying to attract buyers.

1. First impressions are everything

Sellers are so caught up in making the interiors of their homes sparkle that they can neglect the very thing potential buyers will see first – the outside.  Curb appeal is incredibly important when listing your Irvine home; this is the first chance for you to draw the buyer in to your home.  From cutting the grass and trimming the trees and bushes to touching up the exterior paint and making sure all of the light bulbs work, the curb appeal of your home has to make a good impression.  If the exterior of your home is not cared for, it will immediately create a negative impression with the buyer that will last for the remainder of the tour.

2. Stay out of the way

Sellers tend to be very eager when attempting to sell their homes and can’t wait to list the various amazing features that they have cultivated over the years.  However, your presence when buyers are looking at your home may actually have a negative effect.  Buyers like to talk things out amongst themselves and with their Irvine Realtor when viewing a home for the first time, and they will feel uncomfortable doing so with you around.  While it is understandable that you would like to be around to answer any questions, trust that buyers will contact your agent after the showing if they have any.  Give potential buyers their space so they can form their own impressions.

3. Create a blank slate

It is difficult to remove all traces of you and your family from your Irvine home, but the key to attracting an interested buyer is for them to imagine themselves in your home.  Clutter, family photos, and other personal effects take away from this illusion.  Put away things that can take away from the overall experience of viewing your home; distract the buyers with the qualities of your home, not with your personal items.

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