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Décor Options If You Have a Smaller Home in Irvine, CA

7 Home Décor Options If You Have a Small Home

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There was a time when most homes for sale in Irvine, CA, were built in the California ranch style of residential architecture, which meant plenty of sprawling interior space. However, some single-family homes, condominium units, and apartments across Irvine have become smaller, and there is a greater diversity of architectural design.

If your home in Irvine is on the cozier side, here are seven décor ideas you may want to consider.

1. Minimalism

This style combines the design philosophy of the late Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, with principles of Zen Buddhism. You can achieve this look with white walls, sparse furniture, laminate floors that resemble shiny hardwood floors, and a few picture frames, preferably of traditional Japanese art. If you adopt minimalism as a lifestyle, you may learn to live with less and spend more time with friends and relatives.

2. American Country Style

If you don’t have exposed wood beams in your ceiling, ask an interior decorator about faux options that can be achieved with beam straps. You can even install vinyl log siding on a contrast wall before you go shopping for craftsman furniture.

3. Persian

Saffron colors, elaborate cushions, Persian rugs, colorful drapes, and coffee tables that are low to the ground are the main elements of this comfortable and inviting style. In case you need an interior decorator to achieve this look, Irvine is home to a large Persian community.

4. Modernist

This decor is similar to the minimalist style but it does not have to be as spartan. White walls with dark flooring are the anchors of this style. Complement with dark drapes, angular furniture, and geometric decorations. Exposed concrete and metal can augment this functional and stylish look.

5. Edwardian

This classic style is not the most affordable, but it is very elegant and can make a small home look grandiose. Dark floors with rose colored walls is a good start. You can also add wall-to-wall bookshelves, plush sofas, armchairs by the windows, and large throw rugs. If you feel adventurous, cover an accent wall with paisley wallpaper.

6. 1980s

This look is becoming trendy among Millennial homeowners and interior decorators. Start with a modernist style augmented with plenty of furniture and decorations done up in the primary colors. Prints by Warhol, Lichtenstein, and Britto are highly recommended. Another nice touch would be to hang large graffiti prints.

7. Tropical

Indoor potted plants, earthy colors, green accents, and colorful home accessories can make your small Irvine home come to life with a nicely applied tropical décor. For the ultimate in comfort, choose rattan and bamboo furniture with lime green cushions in the living room. Your bedding should feature nice floral prints, and your walls will look great with Caribbean beach scenes.

Don’t decide definitively on the type of décor you want until you’ve found the right home to buy. If you’re looking for single-family homes, townhomes, or condos for sale in Irvine, CA, get in touch with the real estate experts at OC Residential. Call 714-454-6304 to set up an appointment.

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