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Cooking Classes for Everyone in Irvine, CA

Cooking Classes for Kids, Couples, and Everyone Between

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As a leading Irvine real estate company, clients who are new to the area often ask us for suggestions for everything from good farmer’s markets to reputable dry cleaners. Whether you’re new to Irvine or just looking for something different, spend a fun evening in one of the following cooking classes and learn how to perfect a recipe. Here are a few cooking schools that are great for adults:


Students spend two days a week working as apprentices for partner restaurants. Hands-on experience and video lessons turn household cooks into culinary whizzes. The Professional Culinary Arts Certificate program is accepting applications now. 

The Knotted Apron

Classes are offered at different times throughout the year. Interested parties should check out The Knotted Apron website for an up-to-date calendar of events. Then they’re able to book a class and invite family and friends to join them. With themed classes, like Chophouse Favorites and Classic New Orleans, you’re sure to have a good time in the kitchen. These classes are perfect for couples:

The Wine Artist

You don’t have to cook the entire dish yourself because other members of your group contribute. You also get two free glasses of wine while cooking. It’s a great way to get close to your loved one and demonstrate your skills in the kitchen.

Chez Moi Cooking Academy

Taught in a home or workplace, this cooking school takes the Cordon Bleu-trained instructor’s love for food, wine, and cooking and puts it on the plate. Fresh ingredients come together to create contemporary, international inspired cuisine. Kid-friendly cooking classes in Irvine include:

Lil’ Chef School

Even the smallest cooks have something to offer come mealtime. The Lil’ Chef School teaches children to appreciate food and special ingredients as well as demonstrate proper cooking technique and table manners. Classes are offered on school campuses during the day and after school ends. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, cooking classes are right for you. Find out which schools are hosting classes and when. Sign yourself up or attend a class as a couple. If you have children, see which classes accept young cooks. They’ll learn a skill that helps them transition into adulthood successfully. Learn more about our wonderful city by checking out our Irvine real estate blog. If you’re still contemplating a move to the area or are ready to move-up, give us a call at (714) 454-6304 and let us show you Irvine houses for sale that fit your aesthetic, budget, and feel like home.

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