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Essentials of Condo Maintenance in Irvine, CA

Condo Maintenance Essentials

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If you’ve recently purchased one of the amazing condos for sale in Irvine, CA, it is wise to regularly perform maintenance on your unit. Make sure you do these things to help retain your condo’s value.

Seal Cracks

Condo units are normally more energy efficient than stand-alone houses, but you should still make sure to seal cracks around doors and windows. This keeps excessive moisture from damaging paint or encouraging mold growth. It can also help keep out air pollutants that gradually stain walls and carpeting.

Control Pests

Pests can cause excessive damage to walls, cabinets, and other parts of your condo. Some homeowners associations may even require you to pay for your neighbor’s fumigation if you are the cause of an infestation. Try to have pest control experts come by at least once a year to lay down traps and find any new infestations.

Test Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is particularly important in condos where you may be susceptible to fires originating in your neighbor’s unit. Regularly replace batteries in fire and smoke alarms, and make sure your sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers are working properly. Also, confirm fire evacuation routes or emergency exits are clear of blockages.

Maintain Air Quality

As a condo owner, you will be responsible for your HVAC system, so you should take good care of it. Make sure it is regularly serviced by a professional to keep it in good working order. This prevents small and easily fixable issues from damaging the entire unit. Replacing filters and tightening loose parts can also help make the air conditioning and heating more energy efficient.

Take Care of Plumbing

Do not ignore your plumbing until it backs up and floods the entire condominium. Take care of small clogs often, replace old pipes, and properly seal all plumbing. If possible, work with other residents to find a budget for annually cleaning out major sewers and drain lines.

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