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Condo Living Desing Advice in Irvine, CA

5 Creative Design Tips for Condo Living

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Living in a smaller condo in Irvine can come with a challenge: designing your space to maximize storage and make the most of your square footage without clutter. Here are some ingenious design tips to make your condo feel bigger and more open.

1. Add Metallic Accents

You’ve probably heard that hanging a mirror can help a space feel bigger by bouncing light around the room. Metallic accents like shimmery lampshades and silver objects can have the same effect by reflecting light and brighten a room.

2. Choose Light Furniture

Choose furniture with an airy feel instead of heavy wood to make the space feel more open. For example, try a clear acrylic table or a table with an open base instead of a heavy wood coffee table in the living room.

3. Use Floating Shelves

Floating shelves add much-needed storage space without taking up floor space like bookcases and armoires. Floating shelves can be used in the living room and even the bedroom instead of nightstands to store books or show off a collection without making your condo feel cluttered.

4. Fake Larger Windows

Install curtain rods just below the ceiling instead of just above your window frame to draw the eye higher and make the window look taller. You can also trick the eye into seeing a wider window by hanging rods past the sides of the panes and hanging panels. You can even choose a wall color that is close in shade to your window panels to create a single unbroken line and make the room feel larger.

5. Choose Double-Duty Furniture

Furniture that serves two purposes can help you avoid clutter in the kitchen, bedroom, and living room. Look for furniture with space to store objects like a table with a hidden shelf or a storage ottoman.

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