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Tips on How to do Decorate Outdoor for Christmas in Irvine, CA

Outdoor Decorating Tips for Christmas

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One of the nice things about living in Irvine, CA, homes for sale is that you can decorate the outside of your home for Christmas without having to worry about snow covering up all your hard work. Follow these tips to get into the holiday spirit and brighten up your exterior.

Keep Your Lighting Simple

Reduce stress and keep your Irvine, CA, house for sale from looking too busy by sticking to a simple lighting display. Just a single color of lights placed along the roofline creates a clean and classy look. If you want a more elaborate display, add an accent color that loops along trees or windows.

Don’t Forget to Decorate Your Door

Try putting a nice Christmas wreath on your front door to add classic Christmas cheer. Since the temperatures normally are not chilly enough to kill plants, you can also place potted poinsettias or small Christmas trees around the entrance. This will make your home look more welcoming to all of your holiday guests.

Put a Holiday Spin on Window Boxes

If you are lucky enough to have window boxes on your home, this exterior accent can easily be turned into a holiday display. Heap the boxes with pine bows, holly sprigs and oversized Christmas ornaments to add more festive flair.

Decorate with Garlands

Garlands are one of the most underutilized forms of holiday decorations. These beautiful decorations can look great as swag on a porch balcony or an arch over your front door. Accent garlands with red bows or lights for extra appeal.

Use Lights to Outline Yard Features

This is an easy way to add Christmas lights to your home without climbing ladders. Simple ropes of lights look cheerful and twinkly when used as edging along sidewalks, flower beds and driveways. Another great option is setting out rows of mason jars or tiny lanterns filled with solar-powered lights.

Irvine is a beautiful community that’s perfect for both single people and families during the holiday season. Learn more about the neighborhood when you call (714) 454-6304 to speak to a friendly Irvine real estate agent today.

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