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Christmas Decorations That Are Energy-Efficient in Irvine, CA

Energy-Efficient Christmas Decorations

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‘Tis the season to deck the halls and possibly save a little money this year. If you’ve recently purchased a home for sale in Irvine, CA, you may wonder how to decorate it for Christmas. Fortunately, there are plenty of energy-efficient decorations you can use to spruce up your Irvine home this holiday season, both indoors and out.

Reflective Ornaments

Harness the power of the sun by choosing ornaments that have shiny, reflective surfaces. You’ll still get the sparkle you want without having to worry about using any electricity. Use reflective ornaments outside for a similar effect.

Stringed Popcorn and Other Old-Fashioned Decorations

Give a nod to the days of Dickens by opting for some decorations from those glorious days of yesteryear. String up a few strands of popcorn on your tree and take off a few light sets or head to your local craft store and make some homemade ornaments for your tree to further minimize your use of lighted decorations.

Light Show Projectors

These products use a single spotlight and special lenses with various Christmas or holiday-themed images to instantly create a dazzling light display on a nearby object, such as your home’s exterior. You’ll save energy by getting results similar to what you’d see with multiple lights and an assortment of extension cords.

LED Decorations

In addition to LED light sets, you can also find LED lights in one form or another in various Christmas decorations that give off some type of illumination. Do a quick search online and you’ll run across LED stars, Nativity sets, wreaths and candy canes.

Timed Decorations

Further boost your energy efficiency this holiday season by putting your lights on a timer you can set to go on when it gets dark and turn off in daylight. Some local stores offer rebates if you purchase Energy Star-qualifying decorations. Such decorations come in a wider variety of colors and styles now, so you’re sure to find something just right for your Irvine home.

There are plenty of beautifully decorated homes in Irvine every December. Learn more about where you and the family can check out Christmas lights by calling an Irvine, CA, real estate agent at (714) 454-6304 today.

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