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Economical Ways to Warm Your House This Winter in irvine, CA

Cost-Efficient Ways to Warm Your Home This Winter

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With an average temperature of nearly 65 degrees, most days in Irvine are fairly pleasant. This doesn’t mean there aren’t some chilly winter nights now and then. When temperatures do drop, you’ll want to keep your home warm in a way that’s as cost-efficient as possible. Here are some cost-effective ways to heat up Irvine homes for sale during the winter.

Seal/Insulate Unexpected Sources of Air Escape

Air can escape or enter from some unexpected places in your home. An inflatable chimney balloon, for instance, can be used to prevent air escape through an unused chimney. Potential air escape sources may also include:

  • Pet doors and mail slots
  • Uninsulated attics
  • Bare, uninsulated floorboards

Take Advantage of Sunlight

Simply opening curtains during the day to let sunlight in can naturally warm your home. Opt for thicker curtains with a thermal lining during winter months to keep heat from escaping at night. Don’t forget to replace worn caulking around your windows for additional indoor heat retention.

Move Furniture Away from Vents

There’s no reason to heat the underside of your sofa. Use the change in seasons as an excuse to rearrange your furniture around the house so you’re not blocking vents. The same goes for radiators that may be obscured by large pieces of furniture.

Update Your Thermostat

Traditional thermostats operate under the assumption a home has a fairly consistent temperature and work to maintain it 24/7. Programmable thermostats can be set to automatically adjust setting during different times of the day. Digital thermostats offer even more flexibility and potential cost-effectiveness.

Solar Furnaces/Air Heaters

Not all homes or Shady Canyon, Irvine townhomes for sale have modern heaters. Consider updating your home heating source if you decide to switch to solar power to get more benefits from this energy source. Solar air heaters and solar furnace systems are specially designed to run efficiently with converted solar energy.

If you’re not sure where to get started with your winter prep, a local contractor should be able to conduct a home inspection. The purpose of these “home audits” is to identify potential sources of heat loss and energy inefficiency. Learn more about local energy efficiency experts by calling a friendly Woodbury, Irvine real estate agent at (714) 454-6304 today.

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