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Saving Energy on Heaters in Irvine, CA

Affordable Heating Devices for Your Home

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There are many reasons that people in Irvine, California, may consider adding additional heat to their homes this winter. Some people may live primarily in one room and want to keep it warmer than other rooms. Others want to add heat to an area like the garage that has no ductwork. When choosing to add heat, consider these affordable choices for your Irvine, CA, home for sale.

Oil-Filled Radiant Heaters

Most of these heaters look like a small old-fashioned radiator, yet they are very energy efficient. These units plug into your home’s electricity supply, which makes it easy to move from one area to the next. Using diathermic oil has a very high heat point, making it an outstanding choice for adding warmth to your home.

Fan-Forced Heaters

These heaters use a fan to force air over heating elements. They are extremely efficient at raising a room’s temperature quickly. Most contain thermostats that allow the user to control when the unit comes off and on. Many come with stay-cool housing, which is why they come recommended for homes where children or pets may be present.

Infrared Reflective Heaters

Infrared-reflective heaters have no moving parts, meaning that they are usually problem free and provide years of enjoyment. These units operate silently, making them a great choice in bedrooms or in living rooms. Infrared reflective heaters are a cost-effective heating solution that is safe because the outside of the unit stays cool to the touch, and they do not produce any toxic chemicals. Yet, the heat can be felt several yards away.

Ceramic Heaters

If you need to add only a small amount of heat to an area, then a ceramic heater may make a great choice. Most are small enough to work as individual heaters. They operate at an 85 percent efficiency level while staying cool enough to not cause any fires. Most offer two power options allowing the user to save even more money.

Adding one or more of these heating options to your home or townhouse for sale in Irvine this winter will increase its comfort level immensely. Learn where you can find these devices and other amenities to make your new home more comfortable when you call (714) 454-6304 today to speak with a friendly Irvine real estate agent.

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