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How to Know if Your New Neighborhood Is Safe

Ways To Know if Your Neighborhood is Safe in Irvine, CA

In 2018, Irvine city leaders proudly announced the release of FBI statistical reports on crime in the region: since 2004, Irvine residents have enjoyed living in America’s safest city. It should be noted that the annual Uniform Crime Report published by the FBI focuses on serious incidents such as homicide, aggravated assault, arson, auto theft,… Read More

What Are the Advantages of a Fixed-Rate Mortgage?

Why Should You Choose a Fixed-Rate Mortgage in Irvine, CA

As one of the five most expensive states for prospective homebuyers, California has an above-average ratio of adjustable-rate mortgages. From a socio-economic point of view, it’s not surprising to learn that California borrowers lean toward adjustable mortgages. After all, the Golden State is also known for its high cost of living, and adjustable loan products… Read More

6 Tips for Winning a Bidding War for the Home of Your Dreams

Ways for Winning a Bidding War for the Home of Your Dreams in Irvine, CA

Despite real estate market conditions in Southern California softening in 2019, bidding wars are still being waged among prospective buyers chasing after their dream homes. Even when housing market conditions are balanced, the most attractive listings often elicit bidding wars, which is why prospective buyers should be ready to face this scenario. When it comes… Read More

What Are the Top Irvine Schools?

Top Schools in Irvine in Irvine, CAc

For many families, choosing a new home is a process often decided based on educational opportunities available to schoolchildren. Great communities are known to have great schools, and this is certainly the case in Irvine, where public schools are unified in a single district committed to excellence and where they face strong competition from private… Read More

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