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House Hunting in the Fall in Irvine, CA

5 Key Reasons to House Hunt During the Fall

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Autumn is the best time of year to start shopping for your new home. With fewer buyers flooding the market, you’ll find that you have far more leverage for negotiating with sellers and a much greater opportunity to check the resiliency of important property features. Although most people start their house searches during the summer or spring, there are countless benefits you can gain by opting to look for a new home just as the weather starts to turn. So, call up your Irvine real estate agent and kick your house hunt into high gear!

1. Autumn Is the Slow Season

The housing market is bustling with activity throughout the spring and summer months. During autumn, however, there’s an inevitable slow-down that makes committed sellers far more receptive to the buyers that do show. With less competition, you’ll have less reason to fear the possibility of being outbid and can submit your offers with confidence.

2. Nab Your Homebuyer Tax Breaks While You Still Can

Buying a new home in the fall will qualify you for a number of year-end homebuyer tax breaks that will significantly offset your spending. The IRS provides deductions for property taxes, mortgage insurance premiums, and mortgage interest. You’ll also get deductions on any monies for mortgage insurance premiums and taxes that are prepaid at closing. This is a great way to break even or come out ahead at tax time.

3. Summer Sellers Could Start Dropping Their Prices

Sellers who have had their homes on the market throughout the summer are often willing to drop their prices once autumn rolls around and no reasonable offers have come in. Just as homebuyers are often eager to get into their new homes before the holidays, sellers have moving objectives of their own. This gives you a far better opportunity to negotiate a fair, feasible deal on a home, townhouse, or condo for sale in Irvine.

4. Get a Better Idea of What Homes Can Stand Up To

Although falling leaves and inclement weather can have an unfortunate impact on the curb appeal of even the most beautiful homes, going to see properties during autumn gives you the best chance to see what these structures are capable of standing up to. Home inspections that are performed during this time of year will miss features like in-ground sprinklers and indoor cooling systems, but they’ll also provide a much better chance to identify issues such as insufficient insulation or lighting, roof leaks, and heating problems. With El Niño coming, you can even see whether or not local roadways are prone to flooding and if mudslides in the area might be an issue.

5. Celebrate the Holiday Season in a Brand New Environment

There is nothing like ringing in the new year in a brand new home. If you shop for properties in autumn, you could be sipping cocoa in front of your fireplace by the time the holidays come rolling in. It’s hard not to feel positive about the forthcoming year when you’re busy basking in the ambiance of a new living space.

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