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Smart Home Devices You Can Now Purchase in Irvine, CA

Awesome Smart Home Devices You May Want to Purchase

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After you buy a house in Irvine, smart home automation is one of the easiest and most interesting projects you can take on for improving your property. In 2017, manufacturers of smart home devices are offering affordable options for homeowners who wish to welcome the next generation of residential living. Here are some of the best smart home devices currently on the market.

Philips Hue A19 Smart Light Bulb

If you are completely new to the concept of smart home automation, the Philips Hue A19 will be the perfect device for you to gain familiarity. This LED light bulb does not require any special connections. You can simply insert it into a traditional light fixture and follow the instructions to control it from a smartphone app or connect it to the Internet of Things. A single Philips Hue A19 will last you for years, and it provides up to 800 lumens of brightness that you can fully control.

Google Home

There is an ongoing battle for smart home system supremacy, and the combatants are the hubs offered by Amazon, Google, Apple, and Samsung. Thus far, Amazon leads the pack with the Echo speaker, but you should really consider the Google Home smart hub. Even if you do not have a single smart home device, you can get started by testing the voice control interface, streaming music, organizing your contacts, making phone calls, and using the Google Assistant, which will automatically detect and configure new smart home devices as soon as they are installed.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

As the most impressive and futuristic smart home appliance currently on the market, the Family Hub may seem a bit pricey for many homeowners. However, this smart refrigerator could very well become a popular addition to Portola Springs homes for sale. The innovative features can be used by the entire family: scheduling, shopping lists, remote view of contents via smartphone, digital music playlists, streaming television, digital reminders, surveillance cameras, and more.

Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener

If you are an iPhone user, you are probably waiting for Apple to develop its HomeKit line of smart home devices. With the Chamberlain MyQ, you do not have to wait. This device can already be operated from your iPhone or iPad. With the geofencing feature, you can program the garage door to sense your approach and close automatically once your car is fully inside.

Ultraloq UL3 Smart Lever Lock

If you want the ultimate in security and convenience, the Ultraloq UL3 is the most flexible of all smart locks. Once this lock is installed, you have the option to open your front door by means of a fingerprint, numeric code, smartphone app, or old-fashioned key in case of power and battery failure.

Whether you’re looking at townhomes in Quail Hill or Stonegate condos for sale, you might want to consider smart home technology after making your home purchase. But most importantly, you’ll need to find the right home, and a reliable real estate agent from OC Residential can help. Give us a call today at 714-454-6304 to set up an appointment.

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