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Bedroom Organization Tips in Irvine, CA

7 Helpful Ways to Organize Your New Bedroom

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Can’t seem to organize the bedroom of your Irvine, CA, home for sale? Here are some clever organization tips that will help you keep the room where you begin and end your day feeling like a sanctuary and a stress-free place to relax.

1. Create Door Storage

Hang a clear, over-the-door shoe organizer on the inside of your closet door. You can store everything from shoes and scarves to socks and belts in the see-through pockets of your organizer. It also frees up more closet space for your other apparel.

2. Add Shelves Under the Bed

Turn the empty area under your bed into extra storage space using shelves or specialty stackable bins. It’s the ideal spot for storing extra bedding, blankets, seasonal clothing and even exercise gear.

3. Be Creative with Furniture

There is no rule stating your bed has to go against a wall. Instead, transform your tallest bookshelf into an eclectic, contemporary headboard that you can also use for organizing your go-to bedtime reads.

4. Take Advantage of Hidden Storage

Think outside-the-box for organizational solutions that can also beautify your bedroom. Instead of the traditional small bedside tables, use wicker trunks. They will add interest to your room and can be used to store extra sweaters, sheets, blankets and pillows.

5. Turn Favorite Items into Decor

If you lack storage, get creative and organize your favorite pieces by displaying them instead. Whether you place a treasure from your travels on a stack of favorite books or put a beautiful pair of shoes on an end table for decor, use your creativity to fashion art out of the most exquisite possessions you own.

6. Embellish with Decorative Hooks

You can use decorative hooks for hanging and organizing everything from handbags to necklaces and even small artwork. Some hook units include shelf space perfect for displaying your favorite family pictures and other cherished personal items.

7. Get a Storage Ottoman

When furnishing your bedroom, investing in an ottoman with storage for the front of your bed will help keep your room organized. It’s a gorgeous yet practical piece of furniture that you can use for storing extra items that are cluttering your space like slippers and magazines.

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