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Before You Decide To Sale Your Home in Irvine, CA

Thinking of Selling? Ask Yourself These Questions First

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Selling a home is a lengthy process with many steps. Deciding whether or not you are truly ready to part with your property is one of the most important steps in selling a home. Before you contact an Irvine real estate agent, use these tips to make sure you are ready to sell your home.

How Is Your Equity?

It might be best for people with low equity to wait before selling their home, since I can negatively affects the seller’s credit. It is better to sell your home when it is worth more than you paid for it, so that you have money to buy a new home.

Is the Home Ready for Buyers?

If there are repairs or updates that need to be done, most buyers will be unresponsive, regardless of your home’s other qualities. When your home is listed for a while, future buyers may worry that something is wrong with the home and shy away from scheduling a showing or making an offer. Therefore, it is crucial for your house to be in good condition before you sell.

Does the Size of Your Home Suit Your Needs?

If you are on the fence about selling, think about how your current home fits your lifestyle. If you are a growing family, you may need a bigger property, and if your family is shrinking, a smaller Irvine townhome for sale might be more affordable. Think about your current situation as well as where you and your family will be in a few years when deciding if it’s the right time to move.

Do You Have a Plan for Moving Out?

Make sure that you have a plan for moving out of your current home before listing it for sale. While it’s possible your home will stay on the market for a few months, it’s possible you’ll find a buyer within a few weeks, and that buyer may want a quick close.

Thinking of selling? Irvine Residential Living is a leading local real estate brokerage with friendly and experienced listing agents who can put together a comprehensive selling strategy when listing your Irvine home for sale. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (714) 454-6304.

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