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Urban Living in Irvine’s Airport Area

Irvine’s Airport Area Neighborhood Offers Urban Living in a Suburban City

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Where is the neighborhood located within Irvine?
The Airport Area, as the name states, is located just off the 405 Freeway near John Wayne Airport.  The housing is situated between the MacArthur and Jamboree exits.

What’s the typical profile of residents here? Young professionals? Families? Investors?
Built amongst the Irvine Business Complex, the Airport Area was designed with young professionals and investors in mind.  Walkability and an urban setting are the primary features of the Airport Area, while families would be comfortable in such a unique setting, the smaller homes and high-rise buildings make this a more suitable environment for first-time buyers and investors looking for rental income.

Is the neighborhood quiet? Safe?
The Airport Area is one of the most active neighborhoods in Irvine due to the presence of the airport and variety of businesses throughout the area.  Safety is excellent in the Airport Area (as it is throughout Irvine), with the majority of real estate being located in either gated communities or secured high-rise buildings.

What are some key amenities within the neighborhood?
Airport Area real estate, like many urban cities, is built amongst resort-style gated developments and large high-rise buildings.  Amenities are plentiful throughout Airport Area communities. A typical community will offer 24-hour security, on-site management staff, community pools and spas, fitness centers, and underground or covered parking.  The amenities in Airport Area communities tend to be on the luxury side, so residents can expect to pay some of the highest HOA fees in Irvine.

Are there grocery stores, shops, or restaurants within walking distance?
Airport Area real estate is built within an area designed for walkability, so most of the communities have some type of shopping center within walking distance.  Restaurants, coffee shops and smaller eateries are found throughout the area, and a lot of Irvine’s nightlife is located in the Airport Area.  The Airport Area is also within a couple of minutes of South Coast Plaza and is the closest neighborhood to the Orange County coastline.

Is the community mostly single-family homes or condos and townhomes?
The Airport Area, true to its urban atmosphere, is comprised completely of lofts, condos and multi-level townhomes.  All of the real estate choices in Airport Area are attached homes, so buyers looking for yard space or no common walls will need to look at other Irvine real estate.

What is the average price of a home in this neighborhood?
Airport Area has a wide range of price points.  Some of the cheapest homes in the city of Irvine are found in the Airport Area and can start in the low $300,000 range.  For the more luxury high-rise buildings or newer homes in Central Park West, prices start in the $700,000s and can climb into the $1-2 million range for large penthouse units.

How does the rental market here compare to other neighborhoods?
Investors make up a sizable portion of the resale market in the Airport Area, so the rental market is one of the most active in the city.  The proximity to businesses only makes the Airport Area more attractive to younger professionals fresh out of college who are not ready to buy a place.

Can you describe the average floor plan for homes or condos in this neighborhood?
The single level condo options throughout Airport Area tend to feature open floor plans with great rooms and open kitchens.  The bedrooms are usually on the smaller side as the majority of the square footage was utilized in the living areas.  The multi-level floor plans are narrower but still incorporate the same great room concepts.  Bedrooms tend to be larger in the townhomes because they are usually on separate levels from the living space.

What is the average HOA here, and what does it typically cover?
HOA dues can range anywhere from $200-700 per month depending on the development type and quality of amenities

Are there Mello-Roos? If so, what is the average cost and for how long?
Mello-Roos is found in the newer Central Park West neighborhood and in select Airport Area developments, but some do not have Mello-Roos.

Aside from Mello-Roos, do property taxes in this community differ from Irvine and/or Orange County as a whole? If so, why?
Besides the Mello-Roos addition, property taxes in the Airport Area are around the standard Orange County base rate of approximately 1.0034%.

Are there any schools in the neighborhood? What about private and Montessori schools?
There are no schools in the Airport Area neighborhood, with the closest one being the UC Irvine campus.  However, elementary, middle and high schools are just a few minutes from the area.

Aside from what’s already been listed, what makes buyers choose this neighborhood over others?
Airport Area offers one of the most unique living situations in Orange County.  Urban living is not something typically associated with Irvine, yet the Airport Area is the quintessential urban atmosphere found in metropolitan cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco.


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