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Team Concept

OC Residential employs a team-based approach to consultative-based customer service where the brokers, consultants and executive staff work together to guarantee that our clients receive exceptional service. In contrast to a traditional brokerage, OC Residential’s Irvine real estate agents are not in competition with each other; we work in tandem to maintain long-lasting professional relationships with our clients.  With OC Residential, the Client is always more important than the Deal.

Traditional vs. Progressive

Buyers and sellers used to rely on Irvine Realtors for all information pertaining to the real estate market because it was only accessible to those who worked in the industry.  Once the Internet took off, anyone with a computer can pull up information about current homes for sale throughout the nation; Realtors no longer hold all of the secrets, yet many of them still pretend that the traditional way of working in real estate will always be the right way. Imagine if a doctor never took the time to continue his/her education and simply went by everything he/she learned in medical school – would you trust this person to provide you with the best care?

The real estate industry is currently divided into two philosophies: the Tried and Traditional vs. the New and Progressive.



  • One-stop shop for every city and transaction type
  • Become a community-specific or transaction-specific specialist
  • Clients solely rely on Realtors for market information and current opportunities
  • Specialized websites providing users with unlimited resources to narrow down all of their preferences
  • Agents dependent on national offices to provide legitimacy while being placed in a competitive environment that forces competition rather than collaboration for the good of the client
  • Offices promoting a team concept based on specialization, collaboration, and consultative-based customer service – all for the benefit of the clients, not themselves
  • A sales-based customer service model is employed where buyers and sellers depend on which agent spends the most money for marketing to determine potential success
  • In today’s competitive marketplace, a real estate consultant is concerned with the client’s needs and preferences, not on when the next deal will close


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