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9 Fun Facts About Irvine, CA

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Irvine not only boasts a great housing market with all manner of condos and homes for sale in Irvine, it is also one of the most interesting cities in the Golden State. Here are 9 fun facts you may not have known about Irvine.

1. There’s a reason Irvine always looks nice and neat. It started as a master-planned community in the 1960s and was incorporated in 1971.

2. The scientific name of Irvine’s flower, the lily of the Nile, is Agapanthus africanus. What is interesting about this pretty flower is that it is not a real lily, and it is actually a native of the southern region of Africa, which is pretty far from the Nile River.

3. According to a 2012 article published by Forbes magazine, Irvine was among the top 10 American cities with the highest concentration of young professionals who are satisfied and happy with their lives.

4. For some reason, Irvine tends to attract producers of science fiction films, some of which include: Demolition Man, Eagle Eye, Transformers, and A Scanner Darkly.

5. The University of California Irvine campus has been a part of the community since it was envisioned in the 1960s.

6. Mariners Church boasts the 25th largest Christian congregation in the United States, but was not named after seagoing parishioners. It so happens that Mariners Elementary School is located nearby.

7. Irvine is home to talented comedians such as Will Ferrell and Nicole Parker. In 1987, the city hosted the 11th Annual Young Comedians television festival.

8. An important aspect of Irvine’s development plan is to ensure that the city always has room for growth. To this effect, it ranks 98th on the list of the largest cities in the United States.

9. The city was named after California pioneer James Irvine, who was originally from Ireland. Residents are called Irvinites.

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