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5 Design Ideas to Try for Your Fireplace

If you own real estate in Irvine, the abundance of nice and sunny days in this region may limit the use of your fireplace to just a few weeks per year, but this should not preclude you from taking decorative advantage of this prominent living room feature. Even if your fireplace does not allow you… Read More

How to Take Advantage of Your Kitchen Pantry Space

Kitchen pantry space is one of those household elements that always seem to be short of being adequate. If you own Irvine real estate such as an older California ranch-style home, you may have a spacious walk-in pantry in addition to many kitchen cabinets. Some homeowners who are not into storing large amounts of foodstuffs… Read More

6 Ways to Achieve Feng Shui in Your House

Homeowners who own real estate in Irvine, CA, can apply home décor styles that not only bring aesthetics into their living spaces but also positivity. To this end, you may want to consider feng shui, an ancient Chinese practice based on astronomy and metaphysics. Feng shui dates back to the Yangshao period, which means it… Read More

7 Essential Tips for Staging a Small House

If you are about to list a small house for sale in Irvine, CA, you may have a slight advantage when you decide to put the property in the market. After a real estate era when large “McMansions” were favored by prospective buyers, there is now an ongoing trend toward cozier homes that are easier… Read More

Storage Ideas for a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are supposed to do more than just add a touch of gourmet style to your home. Aside from aesthetics, islands should also provide functionality, which means being able to use them for food preparation as well as dining and storage. In the past, kitchen islands were simply prep tables similar to those used… Read More

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