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Why More Young Professionals Prefer Living in the ‘Burbs

The costs of living in the city are steadily increasing. Although most young professionals can manage these costs given their smaller household sizes and limited financial responsibilities, most are migrating back to the comfort and familiarity of the suburbs instead. Here, they’ll have easy access to shopping, fitness clubs and many of the amenities their… Read More

Is it Possible to Negotiate Interest Rates?

When it comes to determining the long-term costs of their home loans, borrowers often have far more power than they recognize. Although the requirements for getting a loan approval are currently far more stringent than they were in years past, the mortgage loan industry is still a very competitive one. This means if you’re qualified… Read More

Now Open: Mendocino Farms

Whether you’re always on the lookout for new spots or recently bought a condo for sale in Irvine and are figuring out what’s what, check out the new Mendocino Farms. Mendocino Farms is a Southern California classic, serving up fresh sandwiches, serious salads and a number of vegan and gluten-free options, and it can now… Read More

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